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12 Angry Men Essay Example for Free

12 Angry Men Essay In 12 angry men there are many themes that are present one of the major themes that is found was present is, one determined and skilled individual can wield a lot of influence. Juror number eight is a â€Å"quiet, thoughtful, gentle man† he seesall points of the argument and wants to find the truth. On the other hand juror number three is â€Å"a very strong, very forceful, extremely opinionated man† his opinion is all that matters and if other people don’t agree with it they are automatically wrong. All of the characters in this story help develop the theme but in my opinion jurors number three and eight play a very large role in it. Juror three is a very outward with his opinion from the beginning. He lets everyone know what he thinks and that no one will be able to change his mind. In his mind his opinion is the most important thing and no one can say anything against it. When others try to look at all the facts and have a discussion he finds that it is pointless and a waste of his time because he will not change his vote from guilty and that means everyone else must be the ones to agree with him. See more: Satirical elements in the adventure of Huckleberry Finn essay This juror is a man who is very â€Å"easily excitable† as the say in the book many times. He will snap at any moment when someone else is trying to share their opinion just because they say something that doesn’t support what he thinks. His anger plays a large part in developing him as a character. There are many jurors that don’t want to deal with him and are scared to speak up to say what they think because there is no telling the next time number three will start to yell at them. The other characters see him as an angry man who is too stubborn to listen to what anyone else has to say. In this book juror three often explodes into extremely loud yelling while everyone else is trying to keep calm and decide on a fair verdict on the case. At one point during the story juror number eight is trying to calmly explain the facts and evidence that proves juror threes opinion wrong and instead of calmly listening like everyone else he tries to attack juror eight; having to be held back by three of the oher men. This shows a lot about his character as a man. He is a loud man set in his ways that has lived with one opinion on the situation nd isnt willing to change it. The boy who is being charged with allegedly killing his father is black and that causes a lot of mixed opinions within the jury room. Juror three doesn’t seem to like anyone who is black or from a certain area of town which is not the best. There is a larhe amount of prejudice in this book not only from juror three,  and it seems to alter a lot of the thoughts of some of the jurors. The way that he tries to influence people to be on his side is not very effective at all, no one wants to listen to him because all he does is yell and scream at them without backing up what hes saying with any facts. Juror number eight also has a set opinion from the beginning of the story but he has a completely different way of approaching things. He is very quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself at the beginning. When it gets to talking about facts and evidence he has a lot to say but doesn’t try and force the other jurors to agree with him. He only wants to fully discuss all of the information that has been presented to try and determine what the fair verdict should be. At first I don’t think he was even 100% sure that he wanted to vote not guilty he did it mostly because a boys life is at atake and he couldn’t let that go without talking about it. Juror eight is a calm man who is very nice and tries his best to state what he thinks is right but not do it in a forceful way. He isnt saying that there is only his opinion on the case but he also doesn’t say that what anyone else thinks is wrong. This man wanted only to try and come to find the truth instead of just saying that the boy is guilty without full examining everything. Juror eight took the time to look at the facts and put personal opinions aside which is the compete opposite of what juror number three did. The way that he stayed very calm even when everyone else was yelling at each other is one thing that I think really helped influence othe r jurors to change their vote. Even after jjuror wight said only a few things they tooka asecond vote and he already had convinced someone to agree with his view on the case. The way he could calmly debate what everyone else was gettinginto large arguments about without changing from the very calm and not outspoken person that he is was a large factor in amking other people change their vote. He brought up very valid points that no one else would have thought twice about without him. By keeping his personal feelings on the boys race etc he was able to come up with a better end result than that of everyone else. He is a very influencial man who was really only looking for the truth in a case that is made up of a lot of lies and exxagerations. Juror eight and juror three might seem like complete opposites who could never be thought of as having some things alike. This though is not completely true. Yes, they have very different personalities and ways of going about explaining their  opinions but there is some similarity. They both have aclear stance on whether or not they think the boy is guilty. Also they both want to convince the rest of the jury that their opinion is right. Even through all the arguments and yelling that was done they do have a couple of things that are similar between them. The way that everyone in this book especially juror eight debated his point shows how someone who is determined and who knows what they are saying can convince many to believe their side. Juror eight in the end got everyone to vote not guilty because of the way he went about explaining his point. He didn’t yell and just say that his opinion was right just because he thought so, there was evidence to back it up that no one else would have seen if it weren’t for him.

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