Saturday, July 27, 2019

Adult Bible study on part of the Book of John Coursework

Adult Bible study on part of the Book of John - Coursework Example egan to form which identified him with  John the Apostle.  This understanding remained in place until the end of the 18th century.3 Today the majority of scholars do not believe that John or any other eyewitness wrote it, and trace it instead to a "Johannine community" which traced its traditions to John. The gospel developed over time in various stages showing signs of having been composed in three layers, reaching its final form about 90-100 AD 4 and summarized by  Raymond Brown  as follows: 5 as â€Å"Signs Gospel.†7 This hypothetical "Signs Gospel" of Christs miracles, independent of the synoptic gospels, is believed to have been circulating before the year 70 AD. Bultmanns conclusion was controversial, nevertheless, scholars such as Raymond Brown continue to consider this hypothesis, plausible. They believe the original of the "Signs Gospel"   to be by the â€Å"beloved disciple† arguing that the disciple who formed this community was a companion of Jesus Christ from John 21:24 which states that the â€Å"beloved disciple† wrote an account of the life of Jesus.   However, this disciple died unexpectedly, necessitating that a revised gospel be written (John 21:23). Paul Anderson believes, it may be that John â€Å"is the source" of the Johannine tradition but "not the final writer of the tradition."8   Scholars are no longer looking for the identity of a single writer but for numerous authors involved in the gospels development over a period of time and in several

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