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French Expressions Using Mettre

French Expressions Using Mettre The French verb mettre literally means to put and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to take great care in doing something, spend money on, bolt the door, and more with this list of expressions with mettre. Common Expressions Using Mettre mettre 5 heures faireto take 5 hours to do something mettre jourto update mettre lessaito put to the test mettre beaucoup de soin faireto take great care in doing something mettre de lardeur faire quelque choseto do something eagerly mettre de largent dansto put money into mettre de largent pourto pay for mettre de largent surto spend money on mettre de leau dans son vinto tone it down mettre en colà ¨reto make angry mettre en reliefto bring out, enhance, accentuate mettre la radioto turn on the radio mettre la tableto set the table mettre le rà ©veilto set the alarm mettre le verrouto bolt the door mettre les bouts (familiar)Get lost! mettre les informationsto turn on the news mettre les pieds dans le platsimilar to mess up; put ones foot in ones mouth mettre les voiles (familiar)Get lost! mettre quelque chose platto lay something down flat mettre quelque chose deboutto stand something up mettre (quelque chose) de cà ´tà ©to put (something) aside mettre quelque chose droitto set something straight mettre quelquun (parmi les grands)  to rank or rate someone (among the greats) mettre quelquun au pasto bring someone in line mettre quelquun dans lobligation/la nà ©cessità © de faireto compel someone to do something mettre sa langue dans sa poche (informal)to be quiet, stay silent mettre son grain de sel (informal)to stick ones nose in, to butt in Il y a mis le temps  !Hes taken his sweet time doing it! Jy mets la dernià ¨re mainIm putting the finishing touches on Mettons que...Lets say/Suppose that... On ma mis au pied du mur.I was cornered. Quest-ce quils nous ont mis  !They beat the heck out of us! Va te faire mettre  ! (slang)Get lost! Meanings and Usage ofSe Mettre The pronominal French verb  se  mettre  has several possible meanings and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to come clean, team up, gather round, and more expressions with  se  mettre. to becometo get (obtain)to goto put onto put  oneself ne  pas  savoir  oà ¹Ã‚  se  mettreto not know what to do with oneself se  mettre  au  franà §ais, la  guitareto start learning French, to play the guitar se  mettre     infinitiveto start doing something se  mettre  Ã‚  poil  (informal)to strip off, strip down to ones birthday suit se  mettre  Ã‚  quelquunto team up with someone se  mettre  au  rà ©gimeto go on a diet se  mettre   tableto sit down to eat, to come clean se  mettre  autour  deto gather round se  mettre  au  travailto start working se  mettre  au  vertto lie low se  mettre  avecto team up with, side with se  mettre  dans  une  colà ¨re  noireto fly into a terrible rage se  mettre  dans  une  situation dà ©licateto get oneself into an awkward situation se  mettre  en colà ¨reto get angry se  mettre  sur  son  trente  et unto get dressed to the nines se mettre sur un rangto form a line/queue se  mettre  une  idà ©e  dans  la tà ªteto get an idea into ones head sen  mettre  partoutto get covered in it, to get something all over oneself sy  mettreto get down to, to get on with sy  mettre  Ã‚   nounto go on, take up sy  mettre   infinitiveto start doing Meanings and Usage ofLa Mise Mise  is  the feminine of  mis, the past participle of  mettre.  La mise  has numerous meanings and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say involvement, make-up, leg-pulling and more with this list of expressions with  mise. putting, settingclothing, attire(betting) stake, ante(business) outlay la mise exà ©cutionimplementation, enforcement la mise feufiring, setting off, blast-off la mise jouract  of updating, updated la mise   leaulaunch la mise mortkill la mise pied  (employment)dismissal la mise   prixreserve/upset price la mise  au  mondebirth la mise  au  pointtuning, focusing, clarification la mise  basbirth (of an animal) la mise de fondscapital outlay la mise en abà ®memise en abyme,  image  within its own image la mise en accusationindictment la mise en bià ¨replacement into a coffin la mise en boà ®tecanning; (informal) ridiculing, leg-pulling la mise en  bouteillebottling la mise en causecalling into question, pointing a finger at la mise en conditionconditioning la mise en conservecanning la mise en demeureformal demand or notice la mise en examenplacing under investigation la mise en forme(sports) warming/limbering up; (typography) imposition la mise en gagepawning la mise en  jambeswarm-up exercises la mise en  jeuinvolvement, bringing into play la mise en  marchestarting up (a machine or apparatus) la mise en Å“uvreimplementation la mise en  ondes  (radio)production la mise en page  (typography)make-up la mise en placeset up, stocking,  imposition la mise en  plishair setting la mise en pratiqueputting into practice la mise en reliefenhancement, accentuation la mise en routestarting up, setting off/out la mise en sacspacking la mise en scà ¨ne  (theater, film)production la mise en service - La mise en service de  lautobus  sera...putting or starting into service - The bus will be put into service on... la mise en valeurdevelopment, improvement la mise en  vigueurenforcement la mise  sur  piedsetting up à ªtre de mise(fig) to be acceptable, appropriate; (archaic) to be in circulation, legal currency remporter  la miseto carry the day, win big sauver  la miseto withdraw from a game of stakes; (fig) to save the day

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