Friday, November 8, 2019

The 13th Warrior essays

The 13th Warrior essays Ahmed Ibn Fadlan is an Arab courtier who is sent to the barbaric north because he was seduced by a merchant's wife and was sent on an errand by the Caliph as a punishment. Soon, the Arab leaves the City of Peace and starts his travels to the city of Yiltawar. Soon, though, Ibn Fadlan, the pages and guides encounter trouble with the Oguz Turks, but escape death and continue their travels. When Ibn Fadlan is traveling along the Volga River, he comes into contact with the Norsemen, or the Vikings. He describes them as gigantic people carrying broad swords, axes, and daggers. The Northmen's leader, Wyglif had died, and a young noble named Buliwyf was chosen to be the new leader. Then, one of Buliwyf's kin, Wulfgar entered the camp and informed Buliwyf of a dread and unnamed terror that was terrorizing his father, King Rothgar, and his kingdom. Then the Angel of Death came in, and stated that Buliwyf and 12 other men had to go help, but the 13th warrior had to be foreign. It was stated that Ibn Fadlan was to go with the Vikings on their quest to save King Rothgar's kingdom. The 12 other warriors Ibn Fadlan were traveling with were, of course, Buliwyf the leader, Ecthgow, Higlak, Herger, Skeld, Weath, Rethel, Roneth, Halga, Helfdane, Edgtho, and Haltaf. Ibn Fadlan struggled at first to understand his comrades' Norse tongue but eventually after the long journey he learned to recognize and speak a little of it. The Northmen often made fun of Ibn Fadlan and his "clean ways" and his one god, Allah. The Vikings believed that there were many gods, including the all-powerful Odin who helped them in battle. During the long voyage, Ibn Fadlan befriends Herger, who can translate for him. After resting at the encampment at Trelburg, they depart. Upon arriving to their destination of the kingdom of Rothgar in the land of the Venden, they first enter a large hut filled with rotting, decapitated bodies of men, women, and child ...

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