Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Can I use body language to determine if a person is lying Essay

Can I use body language to determine if a person is lying - Essay Example While lying a person's body language substantially changes in a given social interaction and consciously disarrayed from a normal expected body behavior. Mind and body actions are not in total harmony with each other. The body language of a person can be read in the following simple ways. 2-The palms are usually put into the pockets or moved downwards. It can be construed that the liar is trying to hide something. The eyes pupils are wide open in the state of lying. Usually sweat appears on the forehead and hand palms become cold. 3- Liar would usually be touching repeatedly the nose and forehead, and would normally not stand with a straight back and according to McDougall's theory of emotions, the instinct to escape comes into play. Therefore an escapist behavior would be shown more than once. More accurate and scientific method of detecting a liar by studying internal body behavior is lies detection machine. This machine uses different human impulses and their change before and after the test. The normal blood pressure of a person in a normal state of mind is usually less than while lying. The heart palpitation and therefore electro cardio grapy measures are higher. The nervous system starts abnormal behavior. Lie detection is b

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