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Karl Donitz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Karl Donitz - Essay Example This strategy required the conversion of German fleet to U-boats. Despite opposition from the other senior naval officers, Donitz went ahead to train his crew on his innovation. When the war begun, the German Navy was under the leadership of Donitz. This navy commander was very instrumental in the war because he mobilized his troop to conquer the British merchant ships during the War. At this time, the Germany navy was not prepared for war since it was anticipating that the war would begin in 1945. This unpreparedness resulted from the focus on German Navy's extensive "Z Plan" which was due for completion in 1945. When the war broke out, there was no choice for Germany but the use submarine warfare because it was the only naval option that was already prepared 1. Thesis statement Karl Donitz, a German Naval Commander served as a vital object in persuading the military organization to adopt an innovation based on the submarine in order to conquer the colonial rule during the inter-war period and the World War II. By November 1937, Donitz had a realistic vision of German’s success against its enemies. By this time, he was convinced that it was practical to launch a good campaign against merchant shipping. From this point on, Donitz begun to push for the conversion of the German fleet to U-boats to the greatest and most significant extend possible2. He also revived the idea of creating wolf-packs out of the entire German fleet. His influence was effective owing to his position in the navy. Since January 1938, he served as Commodore and Commander of Submarines. Many chief army commanders including Erich Raeder, the naval leader strongly opposed Donitz. There was also competition from people like Herman Goring who received much attention during this time. Despite the existing controversy with Raeder, Donitz went ahead and conducted intense training on his crews regarding the new tactics. His opposers had put their hope in German Navy's extensive "Z Plan,† a plan that was scheduled to be completed in 1945. As noted earlier, they were anticipating that the World War II would start in 1945. However, the war broke out in 1939 and at this time, the German surface fleet was in a state of marked inferiority. Because of this, the only naval option available for Germany was submarine warfare. Donitz and His Military tactics Background in the military Donitz joined the Imperial German Navy in 1910 and in April the same year, he became a sea-cadet. In April 1911 Donitz begun serving as a midshipman before becoming an officer working aboard the cruiser SMS Breslau in 1912. In September 1913, he was commissioned as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant. When the Breslau was sold to Ottoman navy in 1914, Donitz and his colleagues began operating out of Constantinople under Whilhem Souchon. At this time, they served in the Black sea where they were busy engaging the Russian forces. After this, Donitz was transferred to the U-boat service. In March 1916, he w as promoted to the position of Navy First Lieutenant and by October, his request to transfer to the submarine forces was granted hence he began serving as a as watch officer on U-39 as from October 1916. In January 1921, Donitz became lieutenant in the Germany navy. By 1928, he was already commanding torpedo boats and was promoted to the position of a Lieutenant-Commander in November the same year. Due to his great work, Donitz was promoted to the position of a full commander in 1933 and to a Captain in 1935. On January 1938, he was promoted

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