Sunday, October 6, 2019

Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Exam - Assignment Example It is the reasoning that one uses when he tries to define certain things and the root values for that reasoning are based in Philosophy. Morality revolves around the personal belief of an individual that would be more concerned with good or bad in comparison to ethics in which the beliefs of the society as a whole are given importance. Values on the other hand can be explained as the belief of an individual that relates to his personal traits. These values can be derived from the cultural beliefs or the opinion of the person himself. Descriptive language revolves around the concept of judging as to what is wrong and what is right. On the other hand normative language is a way through which things are rather done in light of the judgments given. Ethics particularly focus on normative language as the individual is supposed to do the task based on the beliefs and not just accept the facts (Robin 1-9). Philosophers have used eudaimonia to explain a state in which the person accepts the c itizen virtues as instinctive behaviors. This state would mean that the person has reached his ultimate goal in life as explained by the Greeks. I believe that doing the right thing is the most important part in the discipline of ethics. A good life is not all about money but rather revolves around reasoning and functionality of a human being. It is necessary for individuals to be involved in reasoning and functionality as per the virtues to have a good life (Robinson 42-43; Sandel 20-40). 2. What are at least three elements or characteristics of the tradition of Socrates and Plato? What are at least three ways that these two philosophers are in disagreement with the Sophists: Parmenides, Thrasymachus, and Callicles. Do you think that the Socratic/Platonic emphasis on seeking the Good is the best approach? Or, do you think that the Sophists agenda makes sense in that they are training their students for

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