Saturday, June 22, 2019

APDM Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

APDM - Speech or Presentation ExampleFor better understanding about the financial position of the APDM, a brief financial depth psychology of the company has been made belowThe statement of comprehensive income for the year ended 2011 shoes that the company made net income $681,780.88. According to the companys throwaway the main source of income include the general services, technical assistance and the clinical data management service of the company. On the other side, a material make sense $172,804 has been given to customers as a discount. The company has incurred the cost of $364,658.85 against all their Net income from all sources. The company has made the gross pelf of $317,122.03 with a gross profit ratio of 46.5% in year 2011. On the side of expenses, APDM incurred a huge amount of expenses in 2011. Expense figure include the large amount of investigate and development expenses in it. This means that, APDM attribute major portion of their finance on research and developm ent to develop the new technologies. The companys study shows the expense figure of $325,816.45 after including all operations and administration expenses. This figure covered almost all the gross profits figure thats why company made the net loss of $8,694.19 at end of financial year.In accordance with above analysis, there are many recommendations that the APDM estimate in managing its finances. It can clearly be seen that in the income statement analysis, the company has incurred the huge amount of expenses in year 2012. APDM should investigate that, is all the expense incurred in proper manner? On the other side, the expenses include the large portion of Research and development expenses. It is the indication that the company is trying to win the race piss its competitors through developing new technologies. In addition, APDM should also investigate these figures due to their material nature. In addition, APDM can also avoid any of adverse situations by taking these measures. If the company was

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