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Competitor Analysis of Apple Inc Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Competitor Analysis of apple Inc - Case Study voiceIn future trend of communication and networking is primarily focused towards wireless products from the commercialise. Apple is already positioned very strongly in this region as the association already provides many products for the market which will help a lot for the company to grow in this sector of market. The AirPort wireless networking technology from Apple allows high speed connection within a specified region. The increase in demand of wireless high speed internet connections will go on the top line growth of Apple Inc.New digital hub platformApples new digital hub platform with the combination of iTunes is transforming the MAC platform for the customers to provide video table of contents directly into the television and portable devices of the customers. This new hub has great potential for Apple business in digital contents for its rapid growth in modern future.Market for MP3 playerThe increasing popularity for MP3 p layer from Apple Inc is rising high at a very fast pace. The market share for the company has increased from 71 % in 2005 to 78 % in the year 2006 and has great potential to in countries outside US. With more retail presence in both domestic and international market the company is expected to increase its product line of digital contents. This segment can act as key growth driver for the firm in short term. The current strategy of the company is to target the market with its own Operating system. Apple recognized that the competitors of the company primarily rely on the in operation(p) system of any third party. Like Dell computers use Windows XP for their products. Apple on the other hand have managed to incorporate its own hardware and software program for the all its product line with the flexibility to use whatever the user wants similar to the other operating system. The company also segments the market based on geographical segmentation. It includes America, Japan, and Europ e which acts as the core regions for the business process. The company also has retail stores in the particular regions for operating and overseeing the activities at different parts of the world. The incorporate system of the Apple Inc helps to drive its entire business model at the same time. It provides the complete solution for the customers. Customer buying iPod will have to download music through iTunes. For most of the average users the computer provided are from Apple Mac. This creates a great control of the market with the complete solutions offered by the company to the market. The change product line from the company also gives a chance for the consumers to get introduced to the brand. Many people are not much

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