Saturday, June 15, 2019

Lab Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lab Report - Essay ExampleThe exercise involved the use of a sinusoidal auspicate generated in MATLAB for (preliminary Q.5) generated for this experiment using the C6713 system board with f (frequency) = 500 Hz, Fs (sampling frequency) = 8 kHz and A (amplitude) = 1V. IIR filter was applied to this signal with different gentle of equations. A twist of a pole-zero plot was applied with the aim of understanding the nature and functions of the signals.For the implementation of the filter on the C6713, the magnitude function was swept at different frequencies to see the effect on the Vout (output voltage). Figure 8 and 9 show the effect of sweeping frequency for one at 1000 Hz and the other at 2000 Hz.Experiment 1 majored on the application of an IIR filter to generate a single sinusoid on C6713 system. As illustrated in the in a higher place experiment, the different equations were used in the construction of the sinusoidal signal and a pole-zero plots was used in making observations. The pole-zero plot in figure 4 shows ii poles located on the unit circle this implies that the signal is marginally stable meaning that it maintains its stability throughout the experiment (Kuo, Lee & Tian, 2013). This is the trend for the waveform bear witness in Figure 3, where the signal remains constant as it oscillates. This is contrary if the poles were located within the unit circle, the signal would change by beginning to vector decomposition as it is considered stable. If the poles were located outside circle, the signal would start increasing, which implies that the signal is unstable.For the case in experiment 2, a 4th order Butterworth filter designed some(prenominal) in MATLAB and on the C6713 system. For the Butterwort filter in MATLAB portion, the magnitude response (linear and dB) was constructed while conditioned on the C6713 system, the voltage inputs and outputs were measured at different frequencies. A construction of a pole-zero plots was made as a feedback to the magnitude response. In doing so,

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