Sunday, June 2, 2019

What Similarities and differences can you find between Growing Up :: English Literature

What Similarities and differences can you find between Growing Up and The Sons Veto? You should pay particular attention to the way the relationships between p atomic number 18nts and children are portrayed by the authors. Thomas HardyThomas Hardy was a pre- 20th, post-nineteenth century author, hewrote short stories and novels, even poems. Hardy explores thedifferent levels of relationships between work force and women. He delvesinto the environments and the circumstances in which they live upon.Hardy digs deep to find the love hate and sacrifice in this story,The Sons Veto. It is fundamentally about the relationship betweenmother and son, husband and wife and dickens lovers. The Sons Veto is aroller coaster of emotions, happy, sad, frustrating, sorrow, love,remorse and hate, each feeling immense in themselves. Joyce Carypassed away in 1957. When he died he had become accepted as one of thebest modern novelists. In Growing Up one of his famous novels, thereis a moral, no matter ho w old we are we are never too old to learn.This story concentrates on the relationships of the two sisters andtheir father, it grasps the meaning of love from the father, hate fromthe daughters to their father but most of all it grasps the meaning ofgrowing up vividly in a more modernist twentieth century way.In The Sons Veto it goes on about a story of a woman in awheelchair, with beautiful lace hair, and it is basically a storyof the relationships revolving around this woman, and with her. Thisstory starts off with a full-blown introduction of this woman, with adescription of her hair, and her stance, and her features. Then itgoes onto her past, like a premonition, describing the crossroads ofwhere she lived, and the emotions of the goings on around the village.We meet Sophy Sophy is the woman from the present, with the beautifulbraided hair. She is a strong character, the parlour maid in theparsons house. Then we hunt on to meet another character, Sam. He isthe gardener of Sop hys acquaintance. He was a young gardener of heracquaintance. She told him the particulars of the late event, and theystood silent, this shows us there is some gracious of awkwardness betweenthese two people. They begin to converse. They start walking towardsSophys mothers door, with Sam presenting his arm around her waist, asyou can see from this, Sam likes her in a sexual way, but from Sophysreaction, she gently removed it the feeling isnt mutual.We move on to meet the Parson, Mr Twycott.

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