Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Intro to religious studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Intro to religious studies - Essay ExampleHe gave himself the biggest position within his new found movement labeling himself Pastor, Reverend, Prophet and Founder. His strict leadership expression and disciplinary record set him apart from those who aspired to head the movement after his demise in Nigeria, 1985 (Adogame).Celestial Church of Christ has continued to develop since the death of its founder Oshoffa. His death created an avenue for severe setbacks relating to the issues of succession especially after the demise of his successor Alexander Obiodun Adebayor Bada in 8th September 2000. Philip Honsu Ajose succeeded Bada, but a dispute came up after his death in March 2001. Son of Oshoffa, Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa was caught up in a dispute with Gilbert Oluwatosin Jesse over succession. Jesse ulterior passed away, and his faction supported Paul Suru Maforikan as their spiritual leader. Celestial Church of Christ was formally recognized and authorized in the year 1965 in Dah omey (now cognize as Benin). The movement recruited many followers in 1976 after kick-starting an evangelistic campaign in areas of French West Africa. CCC has embraced the use of technology, importantly the internet enabling them to be constantly in contact with their African-Diaspora branches. They have successfully linked Nigeria where the movement is most popular with countries such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, and the the States (Adogame).The Olowun religion is mainly found in the central parts of Africa among small groups of the society mainly found in the deep forests of Central Africa, the founder is unexplored since Olowun does not have sacred texts. It is quite similar to most religions that surround this area mainly the West-Africa vodun. Worshippers of the Olowun religion carry out ancestral worship and think that spirits of those who passed away live among us. These spirits are referred to as washins, and

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