Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Describe the company's organizational architecture - Bayer company Essay

Describe the company's organizational architecture - Bayer company - Essay Example Bayer Company is a worldwide enterprise, which has foundational competences and core influence in the fields of high tech materials, agriculture, and health care (Ali, 2009:62). Being an inventor firm, Bayer sets trends in areas that require intensive research (Tupper, 2011:55). It designs its products to benefit people as well as improve their quality of life. This paper will seek to Bayer Company organizational architecture. It will assess the current architecture and ratify it if appropriate or recommend for another if not suitable. Organizational architecture talks about the spatial surroundings on the mind, behavior, and health of the people in and around an organization. This is an area dominated by the perspective of inter-discipline as it draws it conclusions from architecture, organization, management in addition to knowledge obtained from spatial science, social medicine, and environmental psychology (Williams, 2011:63). Success of an organizational architecture depends on or is attributable to the quality of management practices while operating or the skills employed when designing the organization’s system. Characteristics of a successful system include its simplicity, acceptability, reliability, flexibility, and economy. The Bayer Group of companies aims at creating value through high earning power, growth, and innovation (Workshop on Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research, & Proper, 2010: 33). The architectural design of Bayer Company indicates that it is flexible as every three subgroups operate independently. The other three service companies also function independently led by the holding company in management. This shows that Bayer Company values the aspect of common goals, values, and strategies making it flexible (Ali, 2009:83). An effective organization design does not need to be complicated. On contrary, organization design finds simplicity a highly desirable quality. Pertinently, think

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