Friday, August 23, 2019

Problems that researchers in the Arab world encounter Assignment

Problems that researchers in the Arab world encounter - Assignment Example The region has received good reputation with regard to oil production. Current research has shown that the Arab world is the largest oil producer in the world contributing to more than half of the entire world’s oil. The region has an even larger potential and if the researchers in the area had the needed facilities to carry out their activities, they would discover even more opportunities for growth. Leaders in the region have promised researchers a large amount of funding to purchase the equipments they require to carry out the research on areas that could produce benefits to society (Tessler, 2011). Funding has become a very great problem to assist the people in the region to scale even larger places. Almost all of the finances dedicated to research come from the government. This has been a very great challenge because it does not have the excess money to offer to the research institutions. The few private sector individuals that carry out research face the money problem and consequently end up not achieving their goals in the research field (Daniells, 2009). The number of research institutions has had a steady growth rate over the years. However, the output from these institutions is very low and this is owing to the high illiteracy levels in the area. A majority of the young people in the region come from rich families where they get to take over or rather run their family businesses. This makes most of these young people fall out of school. This has made current researchers lack people to assist them with their research and this has made them lack the motivation they require. Another problem that researchers in the area face is regarding brain drain. For the few individuals that succeed in going to school, they graduate and go to other countries to work. Some of these people have a large amount of knowledge that could help their countries with research. When these people go to other regions, they leave the initial

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