Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mobil IP Essay Example for Free

Mobil IP Essay â€Å"A Mobile IP address allows users to connect to the Internet without a normal static or dynamic IP address through the use of a unique mobile IP address. This unique address lets the computer connect through a network to a home IP address but still utilize and communicate with the networks protocol.† What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile IP? Advantages: 1) Portability—virtually anywhere there is access 2) Convenience sustained connection while traveling between access points 3) Scalability built for large, expansive networks so it is always easy to expand it 4) Consistency a user can maintain the same IP address across all of the subnets they travel between while the router on their home subnet intercepts and forwards all incoming information to them across the network via a network tunnel 5) Integration Mobil IP solutions do not require an additional network, but rather integrate with a current network schematic and because of the standard it has set many of the appliances have networking abilities now Disadvantages: 1) Security Data must be transformed so that authorized parties only decode it Authentication, or approving or disproving someone’s identity Ensuring that data cannot be changed without having that change be detectable Proving a source sent data and the possibility of that data being denied 2) Triangle Routing   The delivering of packets as directly as possible from sending node to mobile node without passing through a home agent, this is obviously a problem since route from sender to mobile node by way of the home agent takes two sides of the triangle, rather than the third side, which is the direct path. 3) Perception of reliability  refers to the premise of Mobile IP connections are based on TCP surviving cell changes What are the typical installations of Mobile IP? Typical installations where you find mobile IP is for laptop or phone use though tablets and other systems are catching up. Do you think Mobile IP will increase in popularity? Why or why not? With the struggle to stay up to date and to have access to files for company use at meetings, I think it is a real deal to say that popularity will continue to rise. There are issues with the technology but look how many bugs were in Windows 95 when it hit the market and people still ate it up. â€Å"A leading and award-winning developer of desktop, tablet and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, today announced that its industry-leading Bria softphone is powering Network Norways all-new Mobil IP service. As part of the Tele2 Group, Network Norway is an innovative service provider focused on enabling leading edge business solutions such as their new Mobil IP offering. Mobil IP is an SMB and enterprise focused offering that extends a customers mobile number to all devices including iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.†

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