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Music Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Music - Research Paper Example This kind of music is highly inspired by the music of Appalachia (Peterson). Example of Bluegrass Music: Blue Moon of Kentucky is a beautiful composition by the bluegrass musician, Bill Monroe. It is basically a waltz which was written in 1946. Later, this song was sung and recorded by different other artists including Elvis Presley. It is an official song of Kentucky. The song starts with slow smooth tunes and then picks it pace a bit faster on the notes of banjo and acoustic guitar. The song discusses the moonlight and the romantic aura it creates in the night. The lyrics are simple but very captivating. It has different expressions of love, sadness on saying goodbyes to the loved one and a prayer that this moon will always shine brightly on the one who has just said goodbye. In simple words, it’s a beautiful bluegrass musical composition ( Blue Moon of Kentucky). c- Hanks Williams: Hanks Williams was an American country music artist. He was famous for his excellent musical compositions and song writing. ‘Your Cheating Heart,’ ‘Hey Good Looking,’ and ‘I am so Lonesome I Could Cry’ represent some of his magnificent musical work. His songs have been sung and recorded by different musicians and singers. He was associated with the band Grand Ole Opry. He gave 11 number-one hits in his musical career. His song, Hey Good Lookin’ is a simple musical composition on guitar and banjo. It contains simple lyrics and simplest musical notes. d- Bob Wills: Bob Wills was an American Western swing musician. He was an excellent songwriter. By many musical figures, he is considered as the co-founder of the western swing. He is often known as the ‘King of the Western... This paper shows some kinds of country and western music such as hillbilly music, bluegrass music, new grass, country pop, cajun music, western swing. Hillbilly Music is a specific term used to refer a certain group of people who lives in rural and mountainous areas of the Unites States. Hillbilly is closely associated with country music. The term refers to denote the old-country music or bluegrass. Hillbilly boogie was the first musical tune that contained the word, hillbilly. It was composed by Delmore Brothers in the year 1946. Bluegrass Music is another form of American music which is a subgenre of country music. It is a musical composition of different regions such as it contains musical influence of Scotland, Ireland and England’s traditional folk music on the other hand; it has some musical touch of African American compositions due to the combination of few jazz elements. This kind of music is highly inspired by the music of Appalachia To sum up the paper talks that new grass is one of the major subgenres of bluegrass music. It is a musical revival and combination of different genres used with each other to create a new kind of music. Electric instruments and other genres especially, rock and roll has played a significant role in creating this type. It became known in late 1960s and early 1970s. Gospel music defined the personal, spiritual or communal belief related to the Christian life. It gave new dimension to the musical industry and musical compositions Country pop is a subgenre of country music. Cajun Music is a symbolic music that represents Louisiana. Western swing music is a subgenre of ever-green American country music.

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