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Sub-Saharan Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sub-Saharan Africa - Essay Example The Serengeti mammal population is considered the largest one in the world, which makes it a perennial visiting site for tourists from across the whole world (Partridge, 2006, May 20). From the purely aesthetic point of view, Serengeti is one of the most picturesque territories in the whole African continent. Topographically, Serengeti encompasses a stretch of wide plains and open woodlands in southern Kenya, northern Tanzania, with the Olduvai Gorge, famous site where the fossils of first prehistoric hominid species were found, cutting across its territory (Sinclair & Norton-Griffiths, 1979, p. vii). Serengeti’s nature is its main treasure, with the host of certain mammalian species being more prevalent there than elsewhere in the continent. The migrant herbivore mammals are the most likely encounters for any tourist or traveler wishing to cross the Serengeti. The ecosystem of Serengeti, covering more than 25,000 sq. km, possess the well-defined natural boundaries that restri ct these grazing animals’ migratory movements and effectively explain the abundance of their various species there. To the north, the Loita plains of Kenya, with their dry conditions, limit the possible northward movements of the mammal herds, while to the east and south the Gol Mountains present further complications for any would-be migrant grazers (Sinclair & Norton-Griffiths, 1979, p.31). The only part of geographical surroundings that allow relatively safe connection to the external environment is the south-east crater highlands, with the Ngorongoro Crater hosting a variety of resident mammal population due to its abundant grass vegetation (p.32). The animal world of the Serengeti region is extremely diverse. When passing through the area, I encountered large herds of Blue Wildebeests, zebras and Thomson’s gazelles, in addition to less prominent, but not less diverse, herds of various lesser wildebeests and gazelles. The wildebeests of all types are the special at traction for all the visitors of Serengeti area, as they are increasingly involved in gargantuan-scale migrations that may encompass up to one million animals in them. The Serengeti region is one of the most picturesque and interesting areas of East Africa. It represents the best example of the still flourishing fauna of this part of the continent and, as such, can be recommended for further visits by the curious travelers. Ngorongoro Crater Area The next sight to be visited in the course of my travels across the Sub-Saharan Africa was the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which presents an example of combination of the geologically complex landscape and the lively and diverse ecosystem. The history of the Ngorongoro area is rather interesting, as this region was one of the most ancient places of human settlement, as well as of the highly volatile relations between different local peoples and tribes. Nonetheless, the main attraction of the Ngorongoro region lies in its spectacular geolo gical features, as well as in its rich variety of fauna. From the geological standpoint, the Ngorongoro Crater attests to the volatile processes of mountain building that used to occur in this area millions years ago. Judging from the data produced by modern geologists, about 2 million years ago, the Ngorongoro Peak may

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