Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blue Zuma Part 2

After further analysis and the additional resources made available by Mr. Martin to the Blue Zuma Project, we have determined the following recommendations be implemented immediately to ensure that our retailers have the product by February 1, as established by our Mr. Lane. The concern with the original project plan revolved around three activities not having enough resources to complete the project per the timeline identified above.Those three activities were: Detailed Product Design, Detailed Marketing Plan and Manufacturing Process. With the additional resources made available, we are confident we can improve the process within the three activities identified above. 1. Which additional personnel assignments would you choose to complete the project before the February 1st deadline? Explain your choices as well as the reasons for not choosing other options. It appears an additional marketing specialist would be best utilized for this job.The resource sheet depicts that the marketin g specialist is still overallocated; however the other resources appear to be allocated correctly when we added the additional resources provided by Mr. Lane. Cost would be an important factor in determining if any additional employees will/would be needed. However, we can approve overtime to address some concerns. 2. How have these changes affected the sensitivity of the network? Once the changes are in place, the duration of the project has been reduced from 290 days to 274 days.This improvement has reduced the overall length of the project, thus allowing the deadline set by the Mr. Lane (President). We are confident we can now complete the project by January 27. By allocating the additional and available resources, we were able to reduce the amount of critical paths to one. In doing so, we increase the slack in non-critical activities, thus reducing or decreasing the sensitivity of the network. One critical path is now identified in the project.

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