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Chinese Economic Development Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Chinese Economic Development - Coursework Example The large scale of foreign direct investment which has entered into Chinese markets, could improve the economic development of eastern coastal areas through accelerating the formation and centralization of capital, Technology Overflows, upgrading of the industrials structure and the human capital formation. On the contrary, the fast speed of the economic development of eastern parts would also increase the earning of the local residents, enlarging the demand of the market, improving the Total Factor Productivity, promoting the external environment and reducing costs, which could possibly bring into being a cluster economic effect, accordingly, there would be more foreign direct investment entry into the market. From all the industrials, the most distinct industrial is the high-tech industrial, which has recently influenced Chinese economic development the most. In this proposal, we will write about how the FDI brought an impact into the Chinese economy, which would mainly focus on th e high-tech industries, and give the result and some suggestions after the particular analysis. (Since the beginning of the far-reaching economic reforms of 1978, China's economy has been growing at a breakneck pace of 9.5 percent a year1. If it were now to grow at 8 percent per year, doubling every nine years, income per person in 2031 for China's projected population of 1.45 billion would reach $38,000. (At a more conservative 6 percent annual growth rate, the economy would double every 12 years, overtaking the current U.S. income per person in 2040.))how have you got these figures Rest of it is simple calculation. After more than twenty years' reform and opening-up, China is gradually integrating into the global economy. The degree of internationalization has also improved to a great extent, as well. It's been the first in developing countries and the second in the world country attracting the most foreign capital during many years. The level of investments by Multi-National Enterprises in the Chinese market has increased over a period of time. As is presented in Table-1 Table1: Directly investment from 1995-2002 Year Increased Foreign Enterprises (Number) Agreed Foreign Investment (Billion US dollars) Actual Foreign Investment (Billion US dollars) 1995 4056 12.97 4.78 1996 2737 9.83 5.07 1997 2108 9.27 5.79 1998 1843 7.57 6.65 1999 1936 6.98 6.4 2000 2648 10.61 6.42 2001 3581 15.1 7.12 2002 5801 19.67 10.37 MNEs direct investment has become an important power in Chinese economy which cannot be neglected and which could obviously impact on Chinese fixed investment and capital stock. As figure 2 shows: Table 2:The proportion of Actual Usage of investment from Multinational to permanent assets Year 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Proportion 12.13 17.08 15.65 15.1 14.79 13.23 11.17 10.32 10.51 10.1 ----where is this table from This table was in your original write up! FDI has become a most important element of Chinese economic development, which has introduced advanced technologies, facilities and management experience and so

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