Saturday, September 14, 2019

Nerwork Security Essay

SCENARIO 1 According to scenario 1, the followings are the threads and security measure to control it. THREADS SECURITY MEASURE 1.Fire outbreaks, begins just outside the data center. The attack is an internal and active attack caused by a disgruntled employee or worker i.e an unhappy or a dissatisfied employee I. Availability of fire department center II. Implementation of well programmed sprinkler system III. Building has been evacuated to prevent loss of lives SUGGESTIONS 1.Figure out the worker by investigating and either dismiss him/her or by compensating him/her by treating him right or well. 2. This can also be controlled by enforcing the physical security of the company i.e by installing cctv camera in every hook and corner of the company this will monitor all the employees activities within the vicinity of the company; of which any employee that engages in such a destructive act can be fished out easily by replaying the record. 3. RFID can also be deployed to monitor the in and out of every employee. 2.Anthrax box was detected by an employee in the lobby I. Evacuation of building has be done again to prevent loss of lives II. Health department is on scene to investigate the issues and treat people III. The sprinkler system has been implemented which caused the email and web server to stop working. SUGGESTIONS 1. Employees and visitors should be properly screened and be checked thoroughly before entering the organization or company so as to avoid them bringing in potentially dangerous object in to the company. 2. Foreign object detector technology should be deployed and implemented in the company to ensure proper screening of the people i.e visitors and employees moving in and out of the company. 3. Call the attention of crime investigators so  as to confirm the doer of the crime ; finger print test will done the box . 3.E-mail server and Web server are down I. The sprinkler system was programmed to turned off the web and email server down in case of any emergency so as to prevent data loss , explosion and destruction of the server SUGGESTION 1.E-mail and web server should always be kept in a safer area where it cannot be easily accessed by an intruders and free from disasters like thunder storm, lightening and flooding i.eit should be kept In a water proof data room around the middle level of a building. 2. There should always be an alternative stand-by server kept In another location to replace in case a server is down so ensure the proper functioning of the company e-commerce websites 3. call the right personnel i.e network security engineer to figure out the proper place servers should be kept against disaster when planning to design a network 4. The e-mail and web server should either switched on be repaired or replaced immediately to ensure the proper functioning of the company e-commerce sites so as to prevent lossof customers 4.Customer cannot place order at the company sites since the servers were down I. The company has provided an alternative call center at another location against emergency for customers who cannot place order at the company’s site. 5.Employees are afraid to resume work I. The police department intervened SCENARIO 2 According to scenario 2, the followings are the threads and control measure was taken. THREADS CONTROL MEASURES 1.Explosion occurs at a chemical plant i. They took a precautionary measures by building the headquarters two (2) miles away from the chemical plant so as to loss of lives and properties. ii. Officials took control measure by trying to confirm amount of  potentially dangerous and deadly toxins that have released to the air so as to alert people to evacuate the area if the rate were high or if the area will not fit for lives to survive 2. people were experiencing Breathing difficulties i. Public health officials took a security measure by encouraging people living in the city to â€Å"shelter in place† i.e the use of a structure and its indoor atmosphere to temporarily separate individuals from a hazardous outdoor atmosphere. 3. Company tells the employee not to leave the building i. Employees took a precautionary measure by leaving the building since they were not sure about what they were hearing and that they needs to get home to take care of their families. ii. The security also took a control measure ,by knowing what tell people so as not to create unnecessary or false alarm to the who want to take shelter in company’s lobby. 4. Authority says the explosion was an occupational hazard i.e an accident. i. Several employees were hospitalized for quality treatment People are upset that cafeteria did not have more supply at hand. i. Due to the explosion, company took a security measure by closing the cafeteria for while pending the time that the immediate danger passes. SCENARIO 3 According to scenario 3, the followings are the threads and security measure to control it. THREADS SECURITY MEASURE 1.Pandemic flu outbreaks starts in Hongkong i. The company took a precautionary measure by telling the employees to have traveled to hongkong not to return to work until they see a doctor so as to prevent the spread of the flu within the organization since it is communicable disease ii. As a precautionary measure, the company decided having security at the front door to interrogate visitors whether they have been to hongkong for the past three weeks so as to prevent the spread of disease SUGGESTTIONS i. A quarantine system should also be implemented i.e the isolation of infected animals and people from the normal people. ii. Dust mask should always be used within the company vicinity till the flu suppresses . 2. Few people were diagnosed with the flue i.e infected i. Students took a security measure by absenting from school so as not to contact the flu. ii. As a precautionary measure, some employees did not do to work because they afraid to go out in public so as not to be infected with the deadly flu . 3.The disease spreads i. Employees are demanding for vaccinations and dust mask so as to cure and minimize the spread of the flu disease. ii. As a precautionary measure, managers consider letting crucial staff volunteer for a lock down i.e restricted to a confined area so as to prevent the spread of the disease. iii. They consider directing work to another location or calling retired workers to help out in order to prevent the spread of the disease within the organization 4.The has peaked. i. As a precautionary measure , employees were not whether to return to work so as not contact the deadly flu disease.

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