Monday, September 9, 2019

Scientific literacy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Scientific literacy - Assignment Example In its laban form, the milk acts as an inhibitor to the ACE enzyme, which has been identified as the trigger for hyper tension (Momani 45). Camel milk has also been identified as being beneficial in managing diabetes. The milk possesses an insulin effect that is essential in managing type I and 2 diabetes. The molecular structure of the milk’s protein is identical to that of insulin and can be used to assist people with diabetes. Scientific research has been conducted on the milk’s protein structure to isolate it in order to replicate insulin. However, the quantities that are favorable have not yet been identified. For patients with autism spectrum disorders, scientific studies report that the use of camel milk by patients with the above condition, benefit greatly from its medicinal properties. Case studies have been conducted on children with ASD and there have been noted improvements in terms of their moods, health and functioning, courtesy of the regular consumption of camel milk. Due to the recent developments regarding the benefits of camel milk, it is highly recommended that all people drink camel milk. Its health properties have been proved to prevent a variety of diseases. Therefore, there should be increased efforts from the government, health authorities and the scientific community, to promote further research into camel milk in order to encourage its

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