Friday, September 27, 2019

Is Liberal Democracy the Only Viable Form of Democracy Essay

Is Liberal Democracy the Only Viable Form of Democracy - Essay Example In the present world governed under the liberal democracy, the constitution protects the rights of minorities and individuals, as well as prohibiting the majority will by eliminating the practice of majority rule (O’Donnell, 2009). However, it has been argued that liberal democracy is not the only democratic way of ruling. Some people have said that liberal democracy is not liberal or democratic. Power appropriation can not guarantee the survival of society and the polity future. Evidence has been provided to support that liberal democracy is not the only viable form of democracy, as it has sometimes been compatible with inequality in resource allocation, anti-democratic rule, systematic corruption, and physical operation (Glenn, 2004). There are alternative forms of democracy that ensure that the vote of individuals is compatible with the fate of people. The quality and nature of rule and governance comprise a significant factor for survival, development, and stability of society (Glenn, 2004). Power appropriation by governing or ruling by force or election has no assurance for good governance, or development. For the past many years, there have been several systems of governance which have disappeared as they have failed to offer a promising future of troubled societies. Liberal democracy for this case has gained momentum in many societies as a result of capitalism, in which it is claimed to be the only feasible way of governance. As the other systems of governance are almost getting forgotten, liberal democracy has become a common worldwide system of governance, rule and power legalization, endorsed by the citizens’ votes (Hylton, 2003).

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